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Diverse Cameras

AXIS M1145-L Network Camera
HDTV 1080p
Day & Night
P-iris control
Edge storage
H.264 and Motion JPEG
Ease of installation
I/O support
AXIS M1145-L Network Camera is an affordable and compact camera perfectly suited for boutiques, restaurants, hotels and offices or other places where surveillance is required during day and night. 
Built-in IR-LEDs with OptimizedIR
AXIS M1145-L offers OptimizedIR, a power-efficient LED technology that provides an adaptable angle of IR illumination and discreet integration of IR LEDs. The camera provides automatic illumination of a scene in complete darkness and is perfect for discovering objects in a range of up to 15 meters (50 ft).
Excellent image quality
With a varifocal, P-iris lens and HDTV 1080p resolution, AXIS M1145-L provides excellent image quality in full frame rate. The P-iris control provides optimal depth of field, image contrast and clarity. The cost-effective, compactly designed camera offers multiple H.264 and Motion JPEG streams that can be individually optimized for bandwidth and storage efficiency. The camera supports digital pan/tilt/zoom, which allows a view cropped from the full view to be streamed for viewing or recording.
Edge storage and I/O ports
AXIS M1145 offers a flexible surveillance system with support for edge storage that allows recording video directly to a storage such as a microSD/SD/SDHC card. The input/output port can be used for simple notification to an alarm panel or control of a relay or similar. The input is also ideal when using an Axis PIR Motion Detector.
Ease of installation
Power over Ethernet supplies power to the camera via the network, eliminating the need for power cables and reducing installation costs. AXIS M1145 also offers remote zoom and focus that eliminate the need for hands-on fine tuning and ensure that the camera’s angle of view is optimized for the monitored area.
Netzwerk-Kameras der AXIS M30 Serie
Preisgünstige fest ausgerichtete Mini-Dome-Kameras für den Innen- und Außenbereich
Kompaktes, vandalismusgeschütztes und für den Außenbereich geeignetes Design
Weitwinkel und 360°-/270°-/180°-Panoramablick
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) für Detailgenauigkeit in hellen und dunklen Bereichen
Einfache, flexible Installation an Wand oder Decke
Edge Storage
Funktionales und intelligentes Design
AXIS M30 Kameras sind vandalismus- und staubgeschützt (außer AXIS M3007-P) und können an Wänden und Decken angebracht werden. Die AXIS M3007-P sieht wie ein Rauchmelder aus und ist damit ausgesprochen unauffällig.
Die AXIS M3014 ist auch für den Einbau in abgehängten Decken erhältlich.